Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mu -emptiness-

Name of Film: Mu -emptiness-

Name and Position of Filmmakers: Ria Ama

Total Runtime: 16min

Genre: Short Animation

A monk lovingly paints a Phoenix in a mural. The Phoenix, trapped in
the mural, wills herself into the world. She is transformed from
mythical bird into a woman. Upon her journey she learns lessons of the
fragility of life, the certainty of death and the suffering of
unquenchable desire.


Country of Production: U.S.A

Country of Filming: U.S.A

Date of Completion: 11/01/2009

Premiere Status: Tampa Bay Premiere

Is this a student film? Is so, which school?
University of Southern California

Is there profanity, nudity, violence, gore, etc? If so, please explain
in detail and give your opinion of an acceptable age limit.
there are some nude silhouette. I'll leave the acceptable age up to your decision.

Message: Thank you very much! I'm very excited!!

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