Thursday, June 24, 2010

American Dumpling

American DumplingName of Film: American Dumpling

Friday - July 23 at 3:00pm
Venue: Catherine Hickman Theater

Name and Position of Filmmakers:
Eileen Nelson-Director,
Darrell Hanzalik & Eileen Nelson-producers

American Dumpling - Movie

Total Runtime:
81 minutes


Premiere Status: Florida Premiere

American Dumpling is a feature-length documentary about many diverse

cultures and the one food they have in common-dumplings. It presents
itself as a simple story of flour, water and salt, and how these
ingredients bind us together in our search for "comfort food". It is a
movie that focuses not on our differences, but on what binds us
together as a society, regardless of our race, gender or age. The
melting pot of America is the melting pot of the dumpling, and
although each cook has his own unique little spin he puts in the
recipe, it still boils down to three ingredients that are absolutely
necessary-flour, water and salt.

American Dumpling Documentary
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Country of Production: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Date of Completion: 08/01/2008

Other Festivals:
Action on Film Film Festival 2009, Radar Hamburg Film Film 2009,
Chasama Film Festival 2009, International Film Festival Ireland 2009,
The indie Fest 2009, Los Angeles Reel Film Festival 2009, Sonoma Film
Festival 2010, Kansas City Film Festival 2010

Alan J. Bailer Award of Excellence in Documentary Filmmaking 2009, The
Indie Fest Award of Merit 2009, Los Angeles Reel Film Festival
Honorable Mention 2009

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  1. The making of the food dumplings may have the power to bring neighborhoods together is an axiom for thought, conversation functions as an added ingredient in the mix, brought together by proper proportions of flour, salt, and water; feeds the weightier need of being loved.