Friday, July 2, 2010


Name of Film:

Sat. July 24 at 3:00pm

Darren Bolton - Director

Total Runtime:
12 mins

Drama / Crime

Set in the quiet and idyllic
village of Hewson, Vigilante is a dark and satirical mockumentary that
provides insight into a group of villagers determined to eradicate
crime and anti-social behaviour in their community. The villagers, driven by
a lack of police
intervention and a hatred of bystander apathy, have formed
a vigilance committee with the goal of tracking down and dealing with those
committing criminal offence. Through the
eyes of a documentary film crew, we
the story of committee member Pep (Simon Cassidy) a passionate and playful
character, as he embarks
on his nightly patrols of the village. Pep’s agenda is simple
‘to clean the streets of scum’ by whatever
means necessary, and it appears
for a while that
his methods are working. With the local police force
on his side Pep works harder than ever cleaning up the litter, intercepting
graffiti artists and putting a stop
to football hooligans singing in the street.
But as the
crew continue to follow him, his methods for controlling
‘the scum’ become evermore unorthodox and violent, and comparing himself to Batman,
he begins to take on the role of judge,
jury and executioner. In this comic, and at
times harrowing short
film, Pep’s actions lay the foundations for a much wider
debate, in
which audiences are asked to consider their own understanding of crime
and punishment and to what lengths are acceptable to make a community
a safer, better place.

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Other Festivals:
Shadowline Festival Culture Giovani

Premiere Status:
US Premiere

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